Hunter + Jessica Proposal - Celebration, FL

Back In June, Hunter reached out to me to ask If I would be able to help with his proposal to his then girlfriend, Jessica. They were just visiting Orlando from Tennessee, and we would be meeting for the first time during the actual proposal. I went through my usual steps of making sure we knew what the other looked like, sent photos of the exact proposal point, and kept each other updated via texts of their ETA. Proposals are often a nerve wracking moment, especially as a photographer. So, Imagine my horror when I received a text saying “you can come out now!” when I was still waiting to see them arrive. It had turned out that he had been so nervous, he saw a fountain and a blonde girl across the way and just dropped down. It had turned out that the woman was just a runner, but when she noticed what was happening started videotaping the entire proposal. 

Thankfully, all three of us were stunned but still excited once we finally met up. We were able to recreate the moment and snap a few photos, and just enjoyed their post-engagement glow together! Sometimes, shoots don’t go completely as planned. But, with a great attitude, even the worst situations can be turned around! Here are a few snaps from this session:

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